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23 February 2009 @ 06:53 pm
DISCLAIMER: I honestly had no idea this was going to happen. The university website says nothing about this, so I was completely unaware that this would happen. Please don't hurt me?

So, I'm living in residential college at university. Our internet is dished out by the college (4G/month, which is okay), and that means they can place restrictions on what services we get and don't get. Which means messaging services. MSN, g-talk, AIM, Skype - none of them work for me. I've got the facebook messaging tab and in-gmail chat and I've got twitter, but that's it.

Do we have another plan? Yes, we do. Since I've been incommunicado for forever, I've not been able to chat to Emma for a while, and she's got no idea of my messaging situation. So we do have another plan, but we haven't talked about it much because we assumed it was a last resort. That's the record-our-parts-individually-and-stick-them-together plan. Any other ideas? I'm open!

(Missed you guys.)

13 February 2009 @ 07:04 pm
Oh my god, you would not believe how much I miss all of you guys.

So next week is my orientation week at university, but the week after that, I'm clear (except for classes&functions, lol). So buzz me with your availability and we'll see what we see. ♥
03 February 2009 @ 05:14 pm
Brodie and I have both had attacks of real life and busy-ness. We're sorry for being so slack around here. Hopefully things will be normal soonish, and we can try and organize another chat. (And actually record it this time!?)

31 January 2009 @ 11:51 am
So we got zero (0) recording done last night. But, um. I had lots of fun? :)
29 January 2009 @ 07:51 pm
Heyheyhey everyone. Tomorrow at nine-thirtypm est (GMT -5) I am setting up a conference call with everyone that's online. Be around! If you're not, you'll have to record your lines alone, and Brodie and I will go >:( at you for making us do more work. (we'll still love you though.) So far no one has said they *can't* make it, though, so I think we will be good. It's okay if you're a little late, too. We are officially going to start ~recording at 10:15, maybe 10:30.

Get your microphones working!
Clear the schudeules!
Practice your lines!

It's podficcin' time.

28 January 2009 @ 07:35 pm
HERE'S THE NEW PLAN. Everyone that can make it to the conference call comes, anyone who can't make it fails. Also, they record their lines at their house, at their own convenience, and send them to me or Brodie. We'll spice those lines into the conference call recording, and everyone is happy.

Even though it'll be hard to organize, I really do want to do the conference call idea, for two reasons! 1) I am lazy, and splicing together individual lines will be such a biiitch to do. 2) We'll be able to play off of each other, and it'll sound more natural, which will make a better podfic. :D

SO. This Friday I have rehearsal for the musical I'm in, and won't be home until about nine pm, est. The rest of the weekend I am pretty much free.

Tell me what times you will be available Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Tell me what your time zone is, as well. I'll figure out when the MOST of us can be around at the same time, and schedule it then.

INITIAL READERS, AKA xvarnished, jk_rockin, aerogroupie, simplemitosis, girl_divided, slashxmistress, elessar and redstarsatnight, I EXPECT YOU GUYS TO RESPOND TO THIS ENTRY ASAP~
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22 January 2009 @ 12:35 am
Please to be filling out ASAP, kthxbai. ♥ (Emma, please to not be being mad at me for modding without your approval.)

Poll #1334948 Poll #3

Which of the following ways should we record the audiofic?

Conference call, like an audioplay over the internet.
Individual lines recorded then stuck together in a program like Audacity.
A reader for each scene/section, stuck together in a program like Audacity.
None of the above. I'll suggest something in the comments.

Is it better that we give you the choice, or would you prefer just if we decide?

Poll. This is a comm-mocracy, isn't it?
Mods decide. That's what they're there for.
Because it's been floating around in my mind that it's going to be hard as hell to get everyone online at the same time, and to have a straight read-through with no fuck-ups and no distractions and no background noises and no computer malfunctions and blah blah blah. I really want to do it that way, trust me. But if you all think it's better to do it another way, then that's what we'll do.

Please to also be pimping these roles.

20 January 2009 @ 10:31 pm
It looks like this weekend ain't happening, in terms of recording lines. I'm leaving Brodie to try and schedule something (HEAR THAT B?). Hopefully she has better luck than me?
19 January 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Okay! It looks like weeknights probably won't work at all, because some people can't be around until eight, and others have to get off around eight! /o\ HOWEVER! Weekends look like a safe bet, though Sundays are not so hot.

I know it's a while away, but this Friday night (Saturday morning for you Australians. *G*) looks like the best time.

Here's a list of when your time I need ya'
(You guys better appreciate this shit. It was hard to figure out. I had to do, like, math, okay?)

slashxmistress & aerogroupie (central)
5:30 - 8pmish!

girl_divided & elessar & simplemitosis (est)
6:30 - 9pmish!

jk_rockin & redstarsatnight (gmt +10)
9:30am - 12:00ish! (Saturday morning, because you live in the fuuuuture~)

xvarnished IDK YOUR TIMEZONE. D: Okay! 3:30 - 6:30

Basically, tell me if you can make it! You have all week to figure out if you're free; I expect a prompt yes or no for both Friday AND Saturday (sat would be the same times, I think. List your availability.) *srs nod*

If you really can't make those times work, we might be able to figure something out during a weeknight, but it'll be harder. We could also try Saturday night/Sunday morning, if that would be better for anyone.

14 January 2009 @ 12:25 pm
Here, have a present.

Download from sendspace here.

What do you think?

ETA: Thought you might like an update on the members of our cast! And remember, you can still claim characters - just not the following ones! So we have...
The Narrator (me, redstarsatnight!)
Victoria Asher (xvarnished)
William Beckett (mayqueen517)
Ryland Blackinton (walkidiotwalk)
Bob Bryar (darkinnerwolf)
Michael Guy Chislett (mikikoshikawa)
Cash Colligan (paint_the_days)
Tom Conrad (hippiemoose)
Ian Crawford (justranda)
Alex DeLeon (jk_rockin)
Alexis Hammond (hippiemoose)
Andy Hurley (aerogroupie)
Frank Iero (emcay)
Ian Malcolm (astaria51)
Ryan Ross (bittersweetwish)
Greta Salpeter (justhush)
Gabe Saporta (oohburn)
Spencer Smith (prettykitty_aya)
Patrick Stumph-Wentz (aftertheteacups)
Alex Suarez (leftcoastgirl)
Joe Trohman (emcay)
Brendon Urie (simplemitosis)
Shane Valdez (devilswhore_x)
Sean Van Vleet (simplemitosis)
Jon Walker (girl_divided)
Alicia Way (xskintanminted)
Gerard Way (slashxmistress)
Mikey Way (shescatatonic)
Pete Wentz (elessar)
and the Costa Rican waitress (justhush).


CLICKYCollapse )

Man, there are a lot of people in this fic.

SO GET CLAIMING. ♥ for all.