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28 January 2009 @ 07:35 pm
HERE'S THE NEW PLAN. Everyone that can make it to the conference call comes, anyone who can't make it fails. Also, they record their lines at their house, at their own convenience, and send them to me or Brodie. We'll spice those lines into the conference call recording, and everyone is happy.

Even though it'll be hard to organize, I really do want to do the conference call idea, for two reasons! 1) I am lazy, and splicing together individual lines will be such a biiitch to do. 2) We'll be able to play off of each other, and it'll sound more natural, which will make a better podfic. :D

SO. This Friday I have rehearsal for the musical I'm in, and won't be home until about nine pm, est. The rest of the weekend I am pretty much free.

Tell me what times you will be available Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Tell me what your time zone is, as well. I'll figure out when the MOST of us can be around at the same time, and schedule it then.

INITIAL READERS, AKA xvarnished, jk_rockin, aerogroupie, simplemitosis, girl_divided, slashxmistress, elessar and redstarsatnight, I EXPECT YOU GUYS TO RESPOND TO THIS ENTRY ASAP~
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justhushjusthush on January 30th, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
*eastern time, btw.